Monday 26 September 2022

Translation of the Relics of Saint Virgilius, September 26

As there are not many commemorations of Irish saints found on the calendars at September 26, Canon O'Hanlon is forced to look further afield to fill up the September volume of his Lives of the Irish Saints. He notes that various continental sources record the Translation of the Relics of Saint Virgilius of Saltzburg at this date. Beneath this Latin name is Fearghal, an eighth-century Irishman, who embodies the missionary and scholarly ideals of Ireland in the Golden Age of the Saints. A contemporary of the English Saint Boniface, with whom he clashed, Saint Virgil established a reputation as a leading European scholar before his death in 784. His feast day, as Canon O'Hanlon notes below, is on November 27 and a paper on the life and work of this great Irish saint in Europe can be read at the blog here. Below is the account of today's feast from Canon O'Hanlon's Lives of the Irish Saints, I regret that he does not bring more actual detail of the circumstances of the translation of the saint's relics:

Article IX. Translation of the Relics of St.Virgilius, Bishop of Saltzburg. 

By Canisius and Ferrarius, the commemoration of a Translation of the Relics of St. Virgilius, Bishop of Saltzburg, in Bavaria, takes place on this day. His Acts are more properly deferred to the 27th of November, the date for his principal festival. The Bollandists notice the Translation of his Relics, at the 26th of September.

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