Irish Saints of April

April 1
Saint Aedhan Laech
Saint Tuan of Tamlacht
The Sons of Gerán

April 2
Saint Bronagh of Kilbroney
Saint Conall of Clonallan

April 3
Saint Benatius of Kilcooley
Saint Coman

April 4
Saint Coine of Kilcoine
Saint Tighernach of Clones
Saint Gallus of Loch Techet

April 5
Saint Becan of Emlagh
Feast of Saint Patrick's First Baptism in Ireland

April 6
Saint Cronan Beg of Clonmacnoise
Saint Cathur or Cathub of Achadhcinn
Feast of the Ordination of Saint Patrick

April 7

April 8
Saint Cennfaoladh of Bangor
Saint Aedhan Mac Ua Duibhne

April 9
Saint Brogan

April 10
Saint Paternus of Paderborn

April 11
Saint Maodhóg of Clonmore

April 12
Saint Ailell of Cologne

April 13
Saint Mochaemog of Inis Caoin
The Sons of Terchur

April 14
Saint Tassach of Raholp

April 15
Saint Ruadhán of Lothra

April 16
Saint Tetgaill of Lann-Elo
Saint Failbe of Killower

April 17
Saint Donnan of Eigg
Saint Lughaidh Mac Garbain

April 18
Saint Lassair of Donaghmoyne
Saint Moninnsen of Mainistir

April 19
Saint Killian
The Sons of Erc

April 20
Saint Sinnach of Inis Clothrainn
Saint Maelochtraigh

April 21
Saint Maelrubha of Bangor
Saint Berach of Bangor

April 22
Saint Rufin of Glendalough

April 23
Saint Ibar
Saint Suairleach of Linn Duachaille
Saint Meithcearn

April 24
Saint Egbert of Iona

April 25
Saint Maccaille of Croghan

April 26
Saint Indreachtach of Bangor
Saint Cas of Bangor

April 27
Saint Assicus of Elphin

April 28
Saint Luchtighern of Ennistymon

April 29
Saint Dichu of Saul

April 30
Saint Luith of Druim-Dairbhreach
Saint Forannan of Waulsort

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April 12th, Saint Erkembode

Marcella said...

Yes, there are many saints I haven't yet had a chance to cover. I don't claim that this site provides a complete list, it is still a work in progress.