Irish Saints of March

March 1
Veneration of Saint David of Wales in Ireland
Saint Baitan of Clonmacnoise

March 2
Saint Fergna Britt of Iona
Saints Slebhene and Suibhne of Iona

March 3
Saint Cele Christ
Saint Mo-sacra of Saggard
Saint Foila of Killeely

March 4
Saint Philip of Cluain Bainbh
Saint Muicin of Moyne

March 5
Saint Ciarán of Saighir (1) (Barry)
Saint Ciarán of Saighir (2) (Moran)
Saint Colman the Thirsty

March 6
Saint Cairpre Crom of Clonmacnoise
The Holy Daughters of Leinin

March 7
Saint Mocelloc of Magh-Scethe
Saint Mettán of Túaim-Átha
Saint Caritan of Druim-Lara

March 8
Saint Seanan of Inis Cathaigh
Saint Duthac of Ross

March 9
Saint Brigid of Moin-Miolain
Saint Tosa of Druim-Ladhgein

March 10
Saint Hymelin of Vissenaken
Saint Kessog of Lennox

March 11
Saint Oengus the Martyrologist

March 12
Saint Mura of Fahan

March 13
Saint Gerald of Mayo
Saint Conchenna of Killevey

March 14
Saint Talmach
Saint Flannan of Cill-Ard
Saint Brigid

March 15
The Three Daughters of Eltin
Saint Eoghan

March 16
Saint Finian Lobair
Saint Fethmech of Kiltoom

March 17
Saint Patrick, Apostle of Ireland (Fairbanks)
Saint Patrick, The Apostle of Ireland (O'Kane-Murray)
Saint Failtigern

March 18
Saint Commaneth of Kilcomenty
Saint Caemhán, the Holy
Saint Christian O'Connarchy of Mellifont

March 19
Saint Lactean of Freshford

March 20
Saint Cathcan of Rath-derthaighe
Saint Aedhan of Cluain-Maelain

March 21
Saint Enda of Aran (Father A. Barry)
Saint Enda Of Aran (Bishop G. Conroy)

March 22
Saint Deghitche
Saint Molocca, son of Colman Finn

March 23
The Daughters of Feradhach
Saint Lassar, Daughter of Fintan
Saint Mocholla

March 24
Saint Donard of Maghera
Saint Lughaidh of Clonleigh

March 25
Saint Columba, Daughter of Baoit
The Feast of the Annunciation in Irish Sources

March 26
Saint Sinchell of Killeigh
Saint Mochta of Inis-Mochta
Saint Mochelloc of Kilmalloch

March 27
Saint Suairlech of Fore
Saint Rupert of Salzburg

March 28
Saint Conall of Kilskyre
Saint Sillan

March 29
Saint Lassara
Saint Ferghas of Inis-Caoin
Saint Fulartach of Clonard
Saint Aedhan of Derrybrughas

March 30
Saint Tola of Disert Tola
Saint Mochua of Balla
Saint Fergus of Downpatrick
Saint Colman

March 31
Saint Mella of Doire-Mella
Saint Colman of Camachadh
Saint Machabeo of Armagh

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