Thursday 24 December 2015

Saint Maolán of Tullaghmelan, December 25

Among the Irish saints who celebrate their feast days on the Feast of Christ's Nativity is Saint Maolán of Tullaghmelan. Not much is actually known of him save that he is remembered as the founder of the church of Tullaghmelan. Diocesan historian, Father Patrick Power, writes of this locality:

Tullaghmelan Parish

THE Parish, which is about average size, lies on the north bank of the Suir along the Co. Waterford boundary line. Its name Tulaigh Maoláin ("Maylon's Height") does not appear ecclesiastical, yet it is the tradition of the locality that Maolan was the founder of the church. In fact, an effigy of stone still preserved in the precincts of the ruin is said to be his.

Rev. P. Power, The Place Names of Decies, (London, 1907), 353.

The Irish calendars record the saint at December 25 with the Martyrology of Donegal listing:


MAELÁN, Bishop.

whilst the Martyrology of Gorman describes him as 'great Maelán, void of weakness'.

The earlier Martyrology of Tallaght lists 'Melani episcopi' on this date, along with three other native saints.

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