Thursday 14 December 2023

All the Saints of Ireland on Radio Maria, December 15

The first of December's two All the Saints of Ireland programmes will be broadcast on Friday, December 15 at 7pm on Radio Maria Ireland. I will be looking at the Irish dimension to some of the saints of the Universal Church whose feasts occur around this time, including Saint Nicholas, Saint Lucy, Saint Andrew and Saint John the Apostle. I will be asking is Saint Nicholas really buried in Ireland? Did the traditions surrounding Saint Lucy influence the hagiography of Saint Brigid of Kildare? Did an Irishman bring the relics of Saint Andrew to Scotland?  How did the early medieval Irish Church view Saint John, the beloved disciple? So join host Thomas Murphy and me for another exploration of the rich legacy of our Irish saints. Details of how to access the programme can be found here,  previous broadcasts are available at the station's podcast library.


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