Saturday 1 February 2020

Saint Beoin, February 1

February 1 is of course the Feast of Saint Brigid, but one our patroness shares with a number of other holy women, something to which Canon O'Hanlon alludes in his entry for Saint Beoin:
St. Beoin or Beon, Virgin. 
It seems somewhat remarkable, that so many virgins are venerated in our calendars, on the festival of the greatest among Irish female saints. The feast of Beoin, or Beon, virgin, is entered in the Martyrologies of Tallagh, and of Donegal, as having been celebrated on this day, to which her name is referred. This special form of name is unique in our calendars.
I attempted to find out more about this saint without success. Her name is also recorded in the 12th-century Martyrology of Gorman, with a note 'virgin'. She does not appear in the modern authoritative reference, Ó Riain's 2011 A Dictionary of Irish Saints, where a number of saints sharing the name Beoán are listed but all of these are male. So it would seem that the name of a holy woman Beoin is preserved in the Irish calendars, but she is yet another obscure Irish saint about whom nothing else is recorded.

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