Wednesday 8 April 2020

Spy Wednesday - Woe to Judas Iscariot

108. Woe to Judas Iscariot whose intention is to betray the Lord. Selling Christ! – an evil bargain this for the thirty silver pieces.
109. Evil were the propensities of that man – he had striven after an evil judgment; even a strong enduring board of red gold were a poor price for Christ, son of God.
110. What he got for the act of his evil tongue was unlucky; no good came of the silver that he had contracted for against the fair body of Christ.
111. The throat upon which came the treachery – soon did it suffer the noose; the belly with swellings about him – all its intestines burst forth.
112. It would have been better for him had he diligently made a pious and severe repentance; it would not have been a matter for wonder if, after his betrayal, powerful Christ had forgiven.
113. He both despaired and died; he did not approach the forgiving one. Black hosts of devils brought him to Hell to harsh Satan.

James Carney, ed. and trans., The Poems of Blathmac Son of Cú Brettan, together with the Irish Gospel of Thomas and a Poem on the Virgin Mary (London 1964).

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