Saturday 31 December 2022

A Prayer to the Saints at the End of the Year

The following prayer to the saints is found at the end of the notes to the Martyrology of Oengus after the final entries at December 31. I have previously posted a similar prayer from the Martyrology of Gorman here. Both of our martyrologists entreat the intercession and protection of the Irish saints whose feast days they have recorded for us. Saint Oengus uses the affectionate diminutive Ísucán when asking Christ to grant his prayer, which the translator Whitley Stokes has rendered as 'O dear little Jesus':
May every saint who has been, is, and will be till doom victorious division -
in Christ's pious company, may they be helping me! 
May they be helping me in heaven and on earth,
and come in their bands to work along with my soul. 
O dear little Jesus, [Ísucán] may it thus be fulfilled!

Every saint, every holy virgin, every martyr, whom I have recounted, every high apostle, 
their prayer for me to God whom I fear, may it protect me from every fierce danger!

 W. Stokes ed. and trans., The Martyrology of Oengus the Culdee (London, 1905, p. 263).


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