Irish Saints of February

February 1
Saint Brigid of Kildare (Fr Barry)
Saint Brigid of Kildare  (J. O'Kane Murray)
Saint Darlughdhach of Kildare
Saint Beoin

February 2
Saint Columbanus of Ghent
Saint Aithmet of Clogher
Saint Colman

February 3
Saint Cuanan Ghlinne of Moville
Saint Caoilfionn
Saint Colman of Kilmacduagh

February 4
Saint Lomman of Lough Gill
Saint Corc of Druim-Lomain
Saint Cota of Druim-Lomain

February 5
Saint Indract of Glastonbury
Saint Fingen of Metz
Saint Cera of Raith Moentich

February 6
Saint Mel of Ardagh
Saint Maelfinnian of Inis Pátraic

February 7
Saint Tressan of Mareuil
Saint Brigid, Daughter of Doma
Saint Lomman of Portloman

February 8
Saint Onchu of Clonmore
Saint Ternoc the Anchorite

February 9
Blessed Marianus Scotus of Ratisbon
Saint Colman of Clonard

February 10
Saint Cronan (Mochua) of Clashmore
Saint Bega, Daughter of Gabhran
Saint Airennan of Tallagh

February 11
Saint Gobnait of Ballyvourney
Saint Gobnait of Ballyvourney (Pochin-Mould)
Saint Etchen of Clonfad

February 12
Saint Fethgna of Armagh
Saint Lugaidh of Cuil-Ruscach
Saint Forannan of Clonard

February 13
Saint Modomnoc
Saint Fionan of Druim-Neoid

February 14
Saint Manchan of Mohill
Saint Sineach of Srath

February 15
Saint Berach of Kilbarry
Saint Farannan of Alternan and Iona
A Festival of Holy Martyrs in the Félire Oengusso

February 16
Saint Tanco of Verden
Saint Aedh Glas of Rath na n-Epscop

February 17
Saint Fintan of Clonenagh
Saint Silvin of Alciac
Saint Ossan of Rathossain

February 18
Saint Colman of Ardboe
Saint Culan of Killcuilawn

February 19
Saint Odhran
Saint Maeldobarchon of Kildare
Saint Nuad of Armagh

February 20
Saint Olcan of Armoy
Saint Colga the Wise
Saint Colga of Lusk

February 21
Saint Fintan Corach
Saint Cronan of Cill Beg

February 22
Saint Maelbrighde of Armagh
Saint Fechin the Priest

February 23
Saint Cruimther Connrach
Saints Mannan and Tiann of Aredh-Suird

February 24
Saint Cuimine the Fair
Saint Berectus the Monk

February 25
Saint Aldetrude of Malbod
Saint Croine of Tallaght

February 26
Saint Enna of Clonfert
Saint Beccan the Blind

February 27
Saint Comgan of Gleann Ussen
Saint Oda of Rhoda

February 28
Saint Sillan of Bangor
Saint Dichuill, of Airiudh-muilt

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brenda90 said...

There is a Saint Farnan here in Kildare whose feast day is february 15th.

brenda90 said...

Who is the Irish woman saint who carries a square symbol on her staff?

Marcella said...

That's interesting. I will have to look into this saint further to see what relationship, if any, he has to the Saint Faranann listed here. I think there is a Faranann listed among the abbots of Kildare.

Marcella said...

Off-hand I don't know, do you have an image or a reference for me to follow up?

Catholic Heritage Association said...

Marcella said...

Think I definitely need to look into this one. Surprised to see a saint of the Columban family as an abbot of Kildare. Inevitably there is more than one saint of this name!