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Saint Cuimmein of Nendrum, July 1

We begin the month of July with the commemoration of Saint Cuimmein of Nendrum, or Mahee Island, County Down. His feast comes not long after that of the founder of the monastery, Saint Mochaoi, whose memory is commemorated on June 23. Canon O'Hanlon has this to say:

St. Cuimmein, Bishop of Nendrum, or Mahee Island, County of Down.
[Seventh Century.]

On the 1st of July, in the Martyrologies of Tallagh, of Marianus O'Gorman and of Charles Maguire, it is mentioned, that veneration was given to Cuimmein, Bishop of Aendruim. This place is now known as Mahee Island, inStrangford Lough, and in the county of Down. The Bollandists, who have a notice of this holy man, at the 1st of July, refer to Hugh Ward's work for the entry; but, they defer to treat about his veneration and Acts, until they had more certain evidences. It has been stated, in Rev. Dr. O'Conor's text of the Annals of the Four Masters, that he died A.D. 658; but, this is faulty, for according to Tighernach, he departed A.D. 659. He is said to have rested—about the year 661 —by Duald Mac Firbis, in his text, De Quibusdam Episcopis. This tract was found among the Bodleian Manuscripts, at Oxford. This holy Bishop's name is entered, in the Martyrology of Donegal, at the present date.

The diocesan historian, Father James O'Laverty, has only this to add:

A.D. 658, "Cummine, Bishop of Aendruim died" (Four Masters). His festival was held in the ancient church of Mahee on the 1st of July.

Rev. James O'Laverty, An Historical Account of the Diocese of Down and Connor, Vol. I, (Dublin, 1878), 359.

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