Saturday 15 August 2015

Saint Saran, August 15

August 15 is the commemoration of a Saint Saran in the Irish calendars. As Canon O'Hanlon explains below, he is one of a dozen saints who share this name and thus almost impossible to identify:

St. Saran.

Veneration was given at the 15th of August to Saran, as we find recorded in the Martyrology of Tallagh, as also in that of Donegal. We find no less than twelve saints bearing the name of Saran in the Irish Calendars, and of these only six are distinguished by any epithet, applied to them, viz. : at January 8th, Saran of Cuil-creamha; at the 13th, Saran, bishop; at the 20th, Saran; at March 1st, Saran, bishop; at May 15th, Saran of Inis-mor; at July 30th, Saran; at August 1st, Saran of Bennchor; at the 15th, Saran; at September 16th, Saran; at 21st, Saran, son of Tighernan; at 23rd, Saran; and at October 22nd, Saran. A saint of this name was venerated, as patron of Tisam parish, in the barony of Garrycastle, King's County; and, as we suppose, this is likely to have been the individual. The name of this parish may be rendered into English, "The House of Saran." At present, and west of the River Brosna, Ti-Saran old church lies in the centre of Moystown demesne, and it is in ruins; while Tobar Saran,  Fons S. Sarani, lies 500 links south-west of the stables belonging to Moystown house. At this well, stations were performed some time back;  but, St. Saran's festival day is not any longer remembered, in that locality.

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