Saturday 8 August 2015

Saint Curcach of Cloonlogher, August 8

One of our enigmatic female saints, Curcach of Cluain-Lothair, is commemorated on the earliest of the surviving Irish calendars, the Martyrology of Tallaght, on August 8. Canon O'Hanlon identifies the locality associated with her as being the modern Cloonlogher in County Leitrim:

St. Curcach, Virgin, of Cluain-lothair, now Cloonlogher, County of Leitrim.

At the 8th of August, the published Martyrology of Tallagh, records the simple entry, Curcach, Cluana Lothair.  This place must be Cloonlogher, in a parish of the same name, barony of  Dromahaire, and County of Leitrim.  It is a vicarage in the Diocese of Kilmore, consisting chiefly of mountain land.  Her name appears, also, in  the Martyrology of Donegal,  at this same date, as Curcach, of Cluainlothair, Virgin. There is a Curcach, daughter to Dael, son of Maisine, and belonging to the race of Colla Menn, adds the calendarist. There is a Cluain Lothaire in Breifne O'Ruairc, and Curcach is patron there, follows the foregoing announcement.

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