Sunday 9 March 2014

Saint Tosa of Druim-Ladhgein, March 9

March 9 is the commemoration of an obscure saint, Tosa of Druim-Ladhgein. His name is recorded on the earliest of the surviving Irish calendars, the Martyrology of Donegal, and was later picked up by the Bollandists who Latinized the name as Tossanus. As Canon O'Hanlon explains below, however, identifying the locality associated with the saint is rather more problematic:

St. Tosa, or Tossanus, of Droma Laidcinn, or, of  Druim-Ladhgein.

The Bollandists' record Tossanus de Druim-Ladhgein, at the 9th of March. It is possible, his place may be identified with Drumline, a parish in the barony of Lower Bunratty, county of Clare.  Or, it may have been Drumlayne, in the parish of Moybolgue, barony of Lower Kells, and county of Meath. Again, there is a Drumlaydan in the parish of Templeport, barony of Tullyhaw, and county of Cavan. According to the Martyrology of Tallagh, veneration was given to Tosa, of Droma Laidcinn, at the 9th of March.

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