Sunday 29 June 2014

Saint Conuan of Stackallan, June 29

On June 29 we commemorate a County Meath saint, Conuan of Stackallan. Canon O'Hanlon brings us the details:

St. Conuan, Bishop, of Tigh Collain, or Tigh Connain, in Cremhthanna, now Stackallan, County of Meath.

In the Martyrology of Tallagh, a festival occurs, at the 29th of June, in honour of Conuan, Bishop, of Tigh Collain. The land of Ui-Crimhthainn comprises the present baronies of Upper and Lower Slane, in the county of Meath. It is thought to be highly probable, that the Four Masters are wrong, when they write the name of this place Teach Collain, as it is locally pronounced by the natives; and, it is supposed, the true form of the name had been Teach-Conain, "Conan's house." This house of Collan or Connan—now known as Stackallen—was situated nearly midway between Navan and Slane, in the county of Meath. It is curious to remark, that in some of those districts colonized by the Danes and English, the Teach or Tigh of the Irish was rendered into Sta or Sti, as in the present instance. Stackallen is a small village, in the barony of Upper Slane, and county of Meath. After the Anglo- Norman Invasion, Stackallen became a parish church, and it formed a small parish, in the diocese of Meath. Under the head of Teach-Connain, Duald Mac Firbis enters Connan, bishop, from Tech Connain, in Crimthann, at June 29th. Again, in the Martyrology of Donegal, at the same date, he is registered as Cenuan, Bishop, of Tigh Conuain, in Cremhthanna.

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