Friday 20 June 2014

Saint Guibhsech of Cloonburren, June 20

On June 20 we remember one of the female saints of the monastery of Cloonburren, County Roscommon. As is so often the case, all Canon O'Hanlon can bring us are the details of the name of Saint Guibhsech, the locality where she flourished and the Calendars on which she is commemorated:

St. Guibhsech, of Cluain-boirenn, now Cloonburren, County of Roscommon.

Veneration was given on this day to Guibhsech, of Cluain-boirenn, as we find registered in the Martyrology of Donegal. Her place is now called Cloonburren, in the parish of Moore, and near the Shannon, in the barony of Moycarn, and county of Roscommon. St. Cairech Dergain [feastday February 9] was patroness of this church. A nunnery seems to have existed here from a remote period. The deaths of some of its Abbesses are found recorded in our Annals.

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