Irish Saints of August

Irish Saints in August (Magdalen Rock)

August 1 

August 3 

August 4
Saint Molua of Clonfert-Molua
Saint Midnat of Killucan
Saint Berchán of Cluain Sosta

August 5

August 6
Saint Mochua of Clondalkin
Saint Lughaidh of Cluain Fobhair

August 7 
August 8
Saint Daire
August 9

August 10
Saint Cuimmin of Drumbo
The Arrival of Saint Maelruain with the Relics of the Saints at Tallaght

August 11
Saint Attracta of Killaraght
Saint Lelia of Killeely
Saint Liadhain of Killyon

August 12
Saint Ségéne of Iona

August 13
Saint Brigid of Cluain-diolama
Saint Molacca, Son of Cairthenn

August 14
Saint Fachtna of Ross
Saint Echlech, Cuimmein and Coemhan

August 15
The Daughters of Carpre
Saint Saran

August 16
Saint Lughan
Saint Conan
Saints Marinus and Anianus

August 17
Saint Eóin MacCarlain
Saint Eóin of St John's (O'Hanlon)
Saint Ernan of Tory Island
Saint Iero of Egmond

August 18
Saint Daigh of Iniskeen
Saint Ernin Mac Creisin
Saint Rónán

August 19
Saint Mochta of Louth
Saint Enan of Drumrath
Saint Solon

August 20
Saint Lassar of Cill Arcalgach
Saint Brigid of Fiesole

August 21
Saint Senach of Clonard
Saint Celba of Kilbeg
Saint Masse
Saint Uncan

August 22
Saint Andrew of Fiesole (Stokes)
Saint Andrew of Fiesole (O'Hanlon)
Saint Beoghna of Bangor
Saint Gunifort of Pavia
Saint Sedrach

August 23
Saint Eugene of Ardstraw (IER)
Saint Eugene of Ardstraw (O'Hanlon)
The Seven Bishops of Aelmagh

August 24
Sen Patrick
Saint Abban
Saint Gildard
Saint Seighein

August 25
Saint Sillan of Moville
Saint Broccan of Maighin
Saint Michan of Dublin

August 26
Saint Aireid of Ardrinnigh
Saint Comgall Ua Sarain
Saint Fillan of Strathfillan

August 27
Blessed Maelbrigid of Armagh
Saint Auxilius of Killashee
Saint Aedhan

August 28
Saint Feidhlimidh of Munster

August 29
Saint Winoc of Rath-Espuic-Innic

August 30
Saint Fiachre of Brieul (Ní Mheara)
Saint Fiachre of Brieul (P.F.Moran)
Saint Cronan of Cluain-an-dobhair
Saint Loarn of Achadh-Mor

August 31
Saint Sessan of Ath-omna
Saint Aidan of Lindisfarne
Saint Aedh, the Martyr

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