Irish Saints of July

Irish Saints in July (Magdalene Rock)

July 1
Saint Cuimmein of Nendrum
Saint Ailill of Cloonown
Saint Lughaidh, Son of Lughaidh

July 2
Saint Ternoc of Cluain-Mór
The Daughters of Cathbadh
Saint Canice

July 3
Saint Cilline Droicteach of Iona
Saint Tírechán
Saint Breacnat
Saint Mael-Muire Ua Gormáin
(Marianus O'Gorman)

July 4
Saint Finbarr of Inis Doimhle
Saint Bolcán of Kilcooley

July 5
Saint Etain of Tuama noadh
Saint Fergus O'Huamaigh

July 6
Saint Moninne of Killeevy (Reade)
Saint Moninne of Killeevy II (O'Hanlon)
Saint Palladius

July 7
Saint Maelruain of Tallaght
Saint Crone of Templecrone

July 8
Saint Killian of Würzburg (Goffine)
Saint Killian of Wurzburg (Mac Geoghegan)

July 9
Saint Condmac of Átha Silain
Saint Brocaidh of Emlagh

July 10
Saint Etto of Dompierre
Saint Cuan of Airbhre
Saint Senan
Deacon Aedh of Cuil-Maine

July 11
Saint Failbhe of Disert Mic-Conlocha
Saint Gaibhthene
Saint Lonan of Ard Cruinn

July 12
Saint Nazair of Liethmore
Saint Ultán of Cork
Saint Colmán of Clonpriest
Saint Menou of Quimper-Corentin

July 13
Saint Mosiloc of Cloonatten
Saint Ernin of Inis-Caoin
Saint Cruimther Fionntain of Cill-Airthir

July 14
Saint Id of Aghade
Saint Maelceadar (Vincent Maldegarius) of Hainault
Saint Colman, Son of Aingen

July 15
Saint Comman, son of Diomma
Saint Ronan, son of Magh
The Sons of Earcan of Brugh-Laogh

July 16
Saint Scoth of Cluain Mór Moescna
Saint Torbach Mac Gorman of Armagh
Saint Gobban Beg

July 17
Saint Craebhnat of Clenor
Saint Sistan of Lough Melge
Saint Fredigand of Deuren
Saint Golgus?

July 18
Saint Cobhthach, Abbot of Kildare
Saint Minnborinus, Abbot of Cologne

July 19
Saint Ossin and Fifty Monks of Tengaidh
Saint Aedhan of Lismore
Saint Ciarán of Tigh-na-Gortigh

July 20
Saint Curifin the Pious
Saint Caramnan

July 21
Saint Arbogast of Strasbourg
The Seven Bishops of Tamhnach Buadha

July 22
Saint Mobiu of Inis-Cooscry
Saint Moroecha Mac Naeb

July 23
Saint Caencomhrac of Inchenagh
Saint Lassar

July 24

July 25
Saint Colman O'Liathain

July 26
Saint Furadhran
Saint Toman of Mungret

July 27
Saint Beoghain of Moville
Saint Lutt of Tigh Luta

July 28
Saint Uisseoit of Druim Uisseoit

July 29 
July 31 

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