Irish Saints of September

September 1
Saint Sceallan of Armagh
Saint Neman of Cill Bia
Saint Cuimmen of Drumsnat
The Sons of Caimene

September 2
Saint Seanan of Laithrech-Briuin
Saint Enan
Saint Colum, Son of Blann

September 3
Saint Mac Nissi of Connor
Saint Lon-garadh of of Magh Tuathat
Saint Colman of Kilclonfert
Saint Bailin of Tech-Saxon

September 4
Saint Ultan of Ardbreccan
Saint Cummein of Drumsnat
Saint Sarbile of Faughart

September 5
Saint Bricin of Tuaim Dreacain
Saint Eolang of Aghabullogue

September 6
Saint Sciath of Ardskeagh
Saint Giallán of Killelan

September 7
Saint Elair (Helair) of Monahincha
Saint Madelberta of Maubeuge

September 8
Saint Disibod of Disenberg

September 9
Saint Ciarán of Clonmacnoise (Holt)
Saint Ciarán of Clonmacnoise (Bishop Conroy)

September 10
Saint Finnian of Moville
Saint Senach, son of Buidi

September 11
Saint Sillán of Imleach Cassain
Saint Loarn of Bright

September 12 

September 13
Saint Neman Mac Ua Duibh
Saint Mael Tolaigh of Drumbeg

September 14
Saint Celedaibhall of Bangor

September 15
Saint Mirren of Paisley
Saint Lassar of Clonmore

September 16
Saint Laisren of Mundrehid
Saint Criotan of Bangor

September 17
Saint Brogan-Cloen of Rostuirc
Saint Grellan of Hy-Many
Saint Cuimmen of Bangor

September 18
Saint Endeus of Emlaghfad
Saint Richardis of Swabia
Saint Gema of Riacc Innse

September 19
Saint Mac Oigi, the Priest
Saint Comgell
Saint Ainci

September 20
Saint Aedhan, son of Oissin
Saint Doroma

September 21
Saint Landelin of Alsace
Saint Saran of Lesan

September 22
Saint Columb Crag of Enagh
Saint Colman of Midhe-Iseal

September 23
Saint Adamnan of Iona (Moran)
Saint Adamnan of Iona (Healy)
Saint Adamnan of Iona (Maguire)
Saint Connich Mic Luachain

September 24
Saint Foelchu of Finglas
The Daughters of Cainnech

September 25
Saint Finbarr of Cork
Saint Iomchaidh of Kill Drochoid
Saint Colman of Comhruire

September 26
Saint Colman of Lann-Elo
Saint Colman of Ros Branduibh

September 27
Saint Lupait, sister of Saint Patrick
Saint Fintan

September 28
Saint Sinach Mac Dara
Saint Dairi the Widow

September 29
Saint Murghal of Rathlin

September 30
Saint Brigid of Cluainfidhe
Saint Lassar, Daughter of Lochan

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