Irish Saints of January

January 1 

January 2

January 3
Saint Fintan of Doone
Saint Finlugh of Tamlachtfinlagan
Saint Cilline of Fahan

January 4
Saint Aed of Kildare
Saint Maolan of Enagh
Saint Fiadhnat

January 5 

January 6
Saint Curnan Beg
Saint Tuililatha of Kildare
Saint Muadhnat of Caille

January 7
Saint Cronan Beg
Saint Kentigerna of Inch Cailleach
Saint Brigh of Coirpre

January 8
Saint Neachtain of Dungiven
Saint Molibba of Glendalough
Saint Ergnat (revised 2022)
Saint Sarán of Cuil-Creamha

January 9 
January 10
Saint Diarmaid of Inis-Clothrain (O'Hanlon)   

January 11
Saints Ethnea and Fidelmia
Saint Anfadan of Glendalough
Saint Suibhne of Iona

January 12
Saint Laidgen of Clonfert-Molua
Saint Cummine mac Duibh of Druim Druith
Saint Sinell, Son of Tighernach
Saint Laighne, son of Garbhán

January 13
Saint Ailill of Armagh
Saint Sarán

January 14
Saint Baetan of Inisbofin
Saint Flann Fionn Cuillin
Saint Luigbhe of Inismore

January 15
Saint Ite of Kileedy
Saint Breacc Fele of Bealach-fele

January 16
Saint Máel Ísu Ua Brolcháin
Saint Dunchad O'Braoin of Clonmacnoise
Saint Fursey of Peronne

January 17
Saint Clairnech of Druim Bidhg
Saint Mica

January 18
Saint Ninnidh of Inismacsaint (O'Hanlon)
Saint Ninnidh of Inismacsaint (McKenna)
Saint Dicuil of Lure
Saint Coppa

January 19
Saint Blathmac of Iona (1) (Marsden)
Saint Blathmac of Iona (2)  (O'Hanlon)
Saint Dunchad O'Braoin of Clonmacnoise

January 20
Saint Fechin of Fore (1) (O'Rorke)
Saint Fechin of Fore (2) (Lanigan)
Saint Fechin of Fore (3)  (Stokes)
Saint Molagga of Timoleague

January 21
Saint Briga of Kilbride
Saint Maccalin of Therasche
Saint Flann of Finglas
Saint Seighin of Cill-Seighin

January 22
Saint Colman of Lismore
The Daughters of Comgall
Saint Guaire of Aghadowey
Saint Amhalghaidh

January 23
Saint Maimbod
Saint Mocelloc of Telach Olainn
Saint Lucán of Tamhnach

January 24
Saint Manchan of Lemanaghan (2) (3)
Saint Baodán of Mostrim

January 25
The Irish Saint Paul
Saint Aedh of Lisgoole
Translation of the Relics of Saint Brigid to Lisbon

January 26
Saint Calbh of Tulach Carpait
Saint Ernen

January 27
Muirgen the Mermaid Saint
Saint Naile (Natalis)
Saint Croine
Saint Noe of Finglas

January 28
Saint Cannera of Bantry
Saint Comman Lobhar
Saint Acobran of Kilrush
Saint Aedhlugh of Aird or Eridh-Cassain

January 29 

January 30
Saint Enan of Rossmore
Saint Anamchad of Fulda
Saint Cronan the Priest

January 31
Saint Aidan of Ferns  (1) (Barry)
Saint Aidan of Ferns (2) Moran

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our world said...

Hi do you know when the feast day of st tegan is?

Marcella said...

i am not familiar with St Tegan, but Pádraig Ó Riain's Dictionary of Irish Saints has an entry for Tagán, an early saint associated with St Patrick, whose name I think, is sometimes rendered as Tegan. Is this the saint you are thinking of? According to the Dictionary he is sometimes taken to be the same saint as one called Tecce or Teige whose feast is recorded at 9 September on the later calendars.

our world said...

Yes thank you that is the saint I was thinking of , he gave the name to kiltegan (cill tegan) which means church of tegan.