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Saint Brocaidh of Emlagh, July 9

July 9 is the feast of Saint Brocaidh of Emlagh, County Roscommon. This saint is one with Patrician associations for the tract on the mothers of the Irish saints lists him as one of the seventeen children of Darerca, sister of Saint Patrick. Canon O'Hanlon has all the details of the often confusing and contradictory evidence preserved in the sources:



THE present holy man lived contemporaneously with St. Patrick.  At the 9th of July, the Martyrology of Tallagh mentions, that veneration was given to Broccaid. The name of his father was Gollit, according to received accounts. It has been stated, that Broccaidh, of Imleach-Broccadha, in Maigheo, had Darerca, sister of St. Patrick, for his mother. Jocelyn, however, makes Tygridia his mother. It is said, by O'Clery, that Gallit, sister of Patrick, was the mother of Loman. But, this writer here mistakes, regarding what is said in the Tripartite Life, Gollit, being the father of Saints Loman, Munis, Broccaidh and Brogan or Broccan. In another place, a similar mistake has been committed, by the O'Clerys, in their Calendar. The Latin Tripartite Life of Patrick states, that Broccaidh of Imlach Each, in Ciarriaghe, of Connaught, was a brother to Loman, of Ath-Truim. He was a bishop, according to received accounts. The Tripartite Life states, at another place, that Broccaidh, of Imleach Each, brother to Loman, of AthTruim, was along with Patrick at Magh-Sealga, in Connacht. The only place in Mayo known as Emlagh, at present, was formerly called Imleacheach, i.e., "Strath" or "Marsh of the Horses." It is situated, in the barony of Costello, and County of Mayo. This place is described as being in Kierragia, a region of Connaught, and where a church had been erected by St. Brocadius. He was identical with the present saint, and his memory in connexion with it appears to have given a name to that place subsequent to his departure from this world. Archdall has erred in placing it within the county of Roscommon. There were no less than three different places, called Ciarraighe or Kierraga, in Connaught. St. Brochad accompanied St. Patrick on his mission to Magh Selga in Connaught. The Imleach to which this saint belonged, was a church in the deanery of Siol Muiredhuigh, Elphin diocese, according to a Catalogue of Churches belonging to this diocese, which had been sent to Colgan, by the Very Rev. Boetius Egan, brother  to the Bishop of Elphin. It was situated in the present parish of Kilkeevin, of Castlereagh Barony and Roscommon County. We are enabled to discover the exact situation of St. Brocaidh's place, from crown grants, the rolls and other documents. This parish of Kilkeevin is bounded on the north, by Tibohine and Baslick parishes on the east, by this latter parish and that of Ballintober ; on the south, by Kiltullagh parish, a part of Galway County, and part of Drumatemple parish in Roscommon County; and on the west, by Kiltullagh parish and part of Mayo County.  The Rev. Dr. Todd  has incorrectly identified the church of Broccaide with Imliuch or Emleach Each or the "Horses' Marsh," in the barony of Costello and county of Mayo. The three Kierragas of Connaught are thus more particularly denominated by Irish historical writers: Ciarraighe Locha na n airneadh, Ciarraighe Uachtair, and Ciarraighe Aoi, otherwise called Ciarraighe Mhic Ceithearnaigh. The last of these is comprised in the present county of Roscommon, and the other two in that of Mayo. The present barony of Costello comprises two territories, namely, Sliabh Lugha, the ancient patrimony of O'Gara, and Ciarraighe Locha na n airneadh. The boundary between them is defined by that of the diocese of Achonry with that of Tuam. The territory of Ciarraighe Uachtair comprises the entire of the present barony of Clanmorris, with the exception of the Termon of Balla, which comprised 24 ballys or ancient Irish townlands, and which belonged to the territory of Ceara. The parish of Balla was added to the territory of Ceara, and it made the remaining part of the barony of Clanmorris the same as the territory of Ciarraighe Uachtair. 

This saint's name is found entered on Henry Fitzsimon's list. The Martyrology of Donegal records him, at this same date. Under the head of Imlech Brochada or Brochaid, in Magh-Eo Magh Ai, Duald Mac Firbis enters Bishop Brochad, at July 9th, and in two distinct places. In the Irish Calendar, belonging to the Royal Irish Academy, we find this saint's name referred to, at the vii. of the July Ides, corresponding with the 9th of July.

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