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Saint Arbogast Restores a King's Son to Life

Vignettes from the Lives of the Irish Saints: Saint Arbogast Restores a King's Son to Life

The only son of King Dagobert went one day to the chase. While his companions had scattered through the forest with the hounds, a wild boar rushed forth. His horse took fright and threw him from the saddle. He hung from the stirrups and was dragged along by the frightened animal. After a long search he was found by the hunters, and amid loud lamentations was borne to his home. He died the next day. The sorrow of the people mingled with that of his parents. Following the advice of his people, the king sent a messenger to St. Arbogast, Bishop of Strasburg. The latter immediately set forth. The king and the bishop could scarce exchange words on account of their grief. The queen came forward and fell on her knees, weeping aloud. The bishop, sympathizing with her in her anguish, lifted her to her feet. Without waiting for any refreshment after his journey, Arbogast retired to the church. Before the shades of evening fell, he entered the room where the dead young man lay. God did not leave his servant long in anxious suspense. While Arbogast was praying the young man raised his head. Overcome with joy, the saint raised the boy to his feet. Then he ordered that the shroud should be removed, and the prince clothed in his royal attire.

Those who were present could not restrain themselves from breaking out in cries of joy. The king and queen were lifted from the depths of sorrow to the pinnacle of joy. They offered the richest gifts to the saint. The latter, however, would accept nothing, but simply expressed his desire that in thanksgiving to God the king should make an offering to the Church of Our Blessed Lady in Strasburg.

St. Arbogast is honored as the patron saint of Strasburg to the present day.

Short Instructive Sketches from the Lives of the Saints for the use of Parochial and Sunday Schools, Academies &etc. (New York, 1888), 59-61.

Note: July 21 is the feast of Saint Arbogast, an Irish saint who laboured in continental Europe. A post on his life can be found here.

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