Wednesday 15 July 2015

The Sons of Earcan of Brugh-Laogh, July 15

Another of the interesting groups of Irish saints are commemorated on July 15. Sometimes in dealing with saints described as the sons or daughters of a particular person the sources preserve the names and number of the individuals involved, but in the case of the sons of Earcan of Brugh-Laogh, we don not have any further details. Canon O'Hanlon can only bring the recording of their names on the calendars:

The Sons of Earcan, of Brugh-laogh.

We find a festival entered, to honour Mac Ercain, at the 15th of July, and the Martyrology of Tallagh  calls his place Bruigh-long, while that of Donegal spells it Brugh-laogh, and the sons of Earcan are set down, without any specification of their actual number or particular nnmes. Their place has not been identified.

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