Sunday 27 March 2016

The Feast Which Surpasses All Others

And though all feasts fully deserve their celebration and honour in these three ways, still more does this festival; for in it is the assembling together of the folk of heaven and earth; it is the festival alike of the Old and the New Testament; it is the peculiar feast of the heavenly Father; the feast of the Lord's resurrection; the feast which surpasses all others; the honoured and venerable festival of the people of heaven and earth, is this festival of Easter. For many are its wonders and marvels: in it the angel passed over the houses of the children of Israel, when he slew all the first-born of Egypt; in it the people of Israel went forth from Egypt, to go up to the land of promise; in it Christ arose from the dead, after binding the devil in hell; in it the souls of the holy and righteous of the five ages of the world came out of hell into paradise; in it will be the famous day, the Day of Judgment.

Homily XIX, 'On the Resurrection' - The Passions and the Homilies from Leabhar Breac - Text, Translation and Glossary by Robert Atkinson (Dublin, 1887), 390.

Beannachtaí na Cásca oraibh!

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