Friday 26 June 2015

Saint Duthac, June 26

Canon O'Hanlon has examined the Scottish calendars at June 26 to bring us the name of Saint Duthac. There is a relatively well-known eleventh-century saint of this name commemorated on March 8, Saint Duthac of Ross, whom the sources do seem to link to Ireland. Whether June 26 is a secondary feast of the patron of Ross or whether he is another saintly bishop of the same name is not made clear in the few lines that Canon O'Hanlon contributes, for his main aim is to stake a claim to him for the original Scotti - the Irish:

St. Duthac.

In the Scottish Kalendar of Hyrdmanistown, and in that of Nova Farina, we have a festival entered, at the 26th of June, for St. Duthac, a Bishop and Confessor. We know not whether by birth he belonged to Ireland or to Scotland; however, in this, as in many similar cases, we desire to include his name among our Celtic saints.

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