Thursday 11 June 2015

Saint Tocomracht of Conmaicne, June 11

At June 11, Canon O'Hanlon has a notice of a female saint, Tocomracht, immediately followed by that of a saint Tochumra. He suspects that they may be one and the same person. Butler's Lives of the Saints records that the intercession of this saint was sought by women in labour:

Tocomracht, Virgin.

The Martyrologies of Tallagh, and of Donegal, mention that Tocomracht, Virgin, of Conmaicne, had veneration paid her, at the 11th of June. The latter Calendar only gives the territory, with which she had been connected; but, as this territorial designation is applied in composition with different localities, it is not so easy to determine where the present saint lived. At this date, also, in the Rev. Alban Butler's work, and in the Circle of the Seasons, St. Tochumra, Virgin, is found entered.

St. Tochumra. Virgin.

There is apparently another St. Tochumra, Virgin, whose feast occurs at 11th of June, in Butler's Lives of the Saints, where we are told, she belonged to the diocese of Kilmore, and that she was much honoured in Ireland, being invoked by women in labour. Colgan could discover no Acts of her. Likewise, in the Circle of the Seasons, we have the name of this St. Tochumra entered. It is likely, she is not a different person from the preceding Tocomracht.

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