Wednesday 17 June 2015

Saint Moling and the Two Suffering Men

June 17 is the feast of Saint Moling Luachra and below is an account of one of his many miracles:

Two men, affected with excessive pain of the emblena [belly], and in the whole body, caused by great dropsical swelling, were brought to St. Molyng, that in the name of Christ, he might cure them. At that time, the holy senior Molyng was out in the open air, and digging the earth in a field along with the brethren. Seeing their affliction, the venerable man said to them: "Chew some of the clay of this earth, I have just now dug". Unwilling to taste it, one of them reproved the holy man, saying that for no good end could he bid men to eat earth. The other man, however, humbly chewed it, and he was healed from his infirmity. He arose strengthened, and he gave thanks to God. Then, he walked home to his own people. Unwilling to return, the proud man died and was there buried. In both, the words of the Sacred Scriptures were fulfilled. In the case of the humble man, those words, "Thy faith hath made thee whole", and in the case of the proud man, "He who exalteth himself shall be humbled,"were verified. On account of this miracle, many were confirmed in Christ.

Rev. John O'Hanlon, Lives of the Irish Saints, Volume VI (Dublin, n.d.), 715.

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