Friday 14 April 2023

All the Saints of Ireland on Radio Maria, April 14

 I will be taking part in another All the Saints of Ireland show on Radio Maria Ireland at 7pm on Friday, April 14.  Tonight I will share some of the Patrician flavour to the calendar for the month of April with The Feast of Saint Patrick's First Baptism on April 5, The Feast of Saint Patrick's Ordination on April 6 as well as some of the saints associated with his mission in County Down. These include Dichú of SaulRos of Downpatrick, and Tassach of Raholp. You can see some of the localities featured at my other site here. I will also be looking at Saint Tassach's association with the Bachall Ísu, the Staff of Jesusthe most famous of Saint Patrick's relics in the medieval period. The March 2018 archive at my Trias Thaumaturga site contains a short series of posts on the fascinating history of this relic but a summary from March 2023 can be found here. I will also be looking at the hagiographers' accounts of how Saint Brigid spent her Easter and at the question of where she was born. A recent addition to the blog, Saint Fíonán Cam, will feature too.

So join host Thomas Murphy and myself for an exploration of the rich heritage of our Irish saints. For details of how to listen to the programme see:

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