Thursday 5 November 2020

A Litany of Irish Family Patrons

Following yesterday's posting on the Litany of the Patron Saints of Irish Dioceses,  below is the second short litany of Irish saints, this time in their capacity as patrons of Irish families. One thing worth noting is that the families are not all of native Gaelic origin, as Norman 'Old English' surnames are equally well-represented. It is interesting too to see the decidedly non-Irish Saint Nicholas at the end of the list, but he has his place in the Official Litany of Irish Saints as a patron of Galway. I have no other information about this litany of family patrons, its author or its accuracy but it's an enjoyable read on this the eve of the Feast of All the Saints of Ireland:
Litany of Irish Saints.
The following interesting document, translated from the Gaelic, was among the papers of a cultured Irish lady who died recently in New York: — Many of the old clans, patriarchal races, and ancient Catholic families of Ireland have cherished a traditional devotion to certain local saints who have been regarded from time immemorial as their patrons, and to encourage this devout observance the following 'Litany of the Patron Saints of the Dioceses of Ireland' was compiled and approved by the ecclesiastical authorities. Subjoined is a list of some of the Irish families, who thus are clients of the saints invoked in this litany. There are many other Irish families, clans, towns, and localities who invoke the patronage of other illustrious local saints, whose names do not occur in this litany of Diocesan saints, to which the following list is confined: 
St. Malachi is patron saint of the O'Dohertys, O'Reillys, O'Neills, Mc Canns, Nugents, O' Ferralls, Maguires, and Mc Kennas. 
St. Laurence of the O'Tooles and Purcells. 
 St. Kevin of the Kilbrides, O'Byrnes, Murrays.
St. Albert of the Cullens, Ryans, and Bennetts.
 St. Jarlath of the Moores and Killeens.
St. Kieran of the O'Connors, Grehans, and Brownes. 
St. Columbkille of the O'Donnells and O'Loughlins. 
St. Conlath of the Mullens and Duffeys. 
St. Macartan of the O'Flynns, Macartans, O'Donnellys, Smiths, and Mc Guinnesses. 
St. Kyrans of the O'Brennans, Fitzpatricks, O'Donohoes, and Mahers. 
St. Aiden of the O'Kinselas and O'Farralls.
St. Ailbe of the Cullens and Nolans. 
St. Fachanan of the Fitzgeralds, Mc Namaras, O'Briens, Mc Mahons, Blennerhassets, Ennisses and O'Shaughnessys.
St. Finbar of the Mc Carthys and Barrys. 
St. Otteran of the Barrons, Wyses, and Walshes.
St. Ascium of the Frenches, Kelleys, and Dysarts.
St. Nicholas of the Blakes and Burkes.

 Catholic Press (Sydney, NSW : 1895 - 1942), Saturday 26 May 1900, page 5

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