Sunday 16 November 2014

The Sons of Caelan, November 16

Another of the groups of saints commemorated on the Irish calendars occurs on November 16. The Martyrology of Donegal records:
THE SONS OF CAELAN, of Mucurt-mór
The earlier Martyrology of Gorman speaks rather more lyrically of this grouping in its entry:
16. E.

No slender slanting fence are Coelán's sons...
whilst a note adds 'From Muccart mór'.

The index of place names appended to the Stokes edition of the Martyrology of Gorman records that a place called Mucart is mentioned in the Annals of Loch Cé. I have been unable to find out any further details about either the Sons of Caelan or about the locality associated with them. They can thus be added to the long list of Irish holy men whose names are preserved at the date of their commemoration on our calendars, but about whom there is no other surviving information.

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