Friday 21 June 2013

Saint Suibhne, the Sage, of Armagh, June 21

At June 21 the Irish calendars commemorate an eighth-century Bishop of Armagh, as Canon O'Hanlon explains:

St. Suibhne, Bishop of Armagh, County of Armagh.

At this date, in the Martyrology of Tallagh, we meet with the following entry, Suibne, Episcopus o Chobran. But there must be some mistake committed by the scribe, when inserting the last word. This holy man is called the son of Cronumail, or Crunmall, son to Ronan of the Ui Niallain, and he was successor to Flan-Febla, who died, April 24th, A.D. 715. The present saint, who is called In-Sui or the Sage, governed the primatial See for a period of fifteen years. The Yellow Book of Lecan assigns, however, only twelve. During his episcopacy, Flahertach, monarch of Ireland, abdicated his sceptre, and embraced a monastic life, at Armagh. St. Suibhney or Suivney died on the 21st of June, A.D. 730. His name is recorded, in the Martyrology of Donegal, at the same date, as Suibhne, Bishop of Ard-Mocha.

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