Tuesday 4 February 2014

Saint Corc of Druim-Lomain, February 4

February 4 is the commemoration of yet another of our many obscure Irish saints, Saint Corc of Druim-Lomain. His name and feast day are first recorded on the earliest of the Irish calendars, the Martyrology of Tallaght, but it is impossible to say when and where he flourished:

St. Corc, of Druim-Lomain.

It is recorded, in the Martyrology of Donegal, that the festival of Corc, of Druim Lomáin, had been celebrated on this day. This name occurs, with that of Cota of Druinn—probably an error for Druim—at this same date, in the Martyrology of Tallagh. The place is not readily identifiable.

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