Friday 14 February 2014

Saint Sineach of Srath, February 14

Today's saint, Sineach of Srath, is yet another of the many Irish saints whom it is impossible to identify conclusively. His feast is recorded at February 14 on both the earlier Martyrology of Tallagh and the later Martyrology of Donegal. And as Canon O'Hanlon explains, the place name associated with the saint in the later calendar is too generic to permit a firm identification with any specific locality:

St. Sineach, of Srath.

The Martyrology of Tallagh enters the name, at the 14th of February, of Sinach. His place is called Stratha Irenn. On this day is recorded, in the Martyrology of Donegal, Sineach, of Srath. There are many names of places in Ireland compounded with Srath or Strath, meaning "a river bottom" or "valley."

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Seán said...

Read about St. Sineach at:

I'm from that area myself, but left it end of 1970!


Marcella said...

Thanks Seán, appreciate these links.