Wednesday 5 February 2014

Saint Cera of Raith Moentich, February 5

February 5 is the feast of an obscure female saint, Cera of Raith Moentich. Her namesake, Cera of Kilkeary,  is perhaps better-known today, although I can't help noticing that their feast days are exactly one month apart, as the Tipperary saint is commemorated on January 5. Canon O'Hanlon can only bring us the details from the Martyrology of Tallaght and some speculation on the locality the calendar entry may refer to:

St. Cera, Virgin, of Raith Moentich.

What the future may reveal is only vaguely presented to the mind of many a holy virgin; her leading idea is to save her own soul, and the souls of many others. She, feels, too, that under the directing hand of God, this holy inspiration must assume in due time, a definite and practical shape. The Martyrology of Tallagh registers a feast for Caera of Raith Moentich, at the 5th of February. The place here named, and with which she appears to have had relations, has not been identified. There is a district, formerly known as Moentach, and which is situated to the south of Lifford, on the borders of Tyrone and Donegal counties. Cera, virgin—simply thus written—is recorded in the Martyrology of Donegal, as having a festival, at this date. Nothing more seems to be known regarding her.

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