Wednesday 12 February 2014

Saint Lugaidh of Cuil-Ruscach, February 12

Canon O'Hanlon brings us the details of a Saint Lugaidh whose feast is listed on the calendars for February 12, but  of whom nothing else seems to have been recorded:

St. Lugaidh, of Cuil-ruscach, in Breifne.

The festival of Lughaidh, of Cuil-ruscach—which means the "rushy-corner" — in Breifne, was celebrated on this day, as is mentioned in the Martyrology of Donegal. Long previous to its compilation, he had been entered in the Martyrology of Tallagh, as Lugaidh, Cule-Ruscaigh, at the 12th of February. Under the compound designation of this place, it does not seem practical to define the locality; but, there is a Roosky, in the parish of Knockbride, barony of Clankee, and county of Cavan, as also, a place so designated, in the parish and barony of Mohill, and in the parish of Rosinver, barony of Rossclogher, county of Leitrim. In either county must his place be sought.

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