Friday 5 June 2015

Saints Fionnlugh and Brogan of Cluain-mic-feig, June 5

Canon O'Hanlon points out some scribal confusion in his entry for Saints Fionnlugh and Brogan on June 5. The Martyrology of Tallaght appends the name not only of Brogan but also of a Saint Leain to that of Fionnlugh on this date. The name of Brogan only is attached to that of Fionnlugh in the later Martyrology of Donegal, and as Saint Leain has his own separate entry in O'Hanlon's Lives of the Irish Saints, for now we will look only at Saints Fionnlugh and Brogan, not that there is much known of either:

Saints Fionnlugh, and Brogan, of Cluain-mic-Feig.

In the Martyrology of Tallaght, the name of Finnloga is written. To it we find appended, "ocus Leoini Cill gobuil, and Brocan, Cluana mic miad," at the same date. This writing must be owing to some want of skill and knowledge, on the part of a scribe. This day, the Martyrology of Donegal registers, that veneration was due to Fionnlugh and Brogan, of Cluain-mic-Feig. This locality cannot be discovered by the writer.

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