Tuesday 29 March 2016

Saint Aedhan of Derrybrughas, March 29

A saint from County Armagh is commemorated at March 29 on the Irish calendars - Aedhan of Derrybrughas. Although Canon O'Hanlon's account below does not mention it, Pádraig Ó Riain suggests in his Dictionary of Irish Saints that today's Saint Aedhan may be linked to a County Down saint Aedhan, 'the layman' commemorated on April 1:

St. Aedan, or Aedhan, of Derrybrughas, County of Armagh. 

The Bollandists, on the authority of the Martyrologies of Tallagh and of Marianus O'Gorman, place the festival, Aidanus de doire Bruchaisse, at the 29th of March. Aedan Dairi Brucais is now known as Derrybrughas, alias, Killyman, in the County of Armagh; and, at his church, which seems to have existed from the seventh century, the present saint was venerated.  An entry occurs, in the Martyrology of Tallagh, at the 29th of March, Aedan Dairi Brucais. St. Edan, Bishop and Confessor, was venerated, at the 29th of March and, formerly, he had an Office of nine Lessons, as we learn, from an old Kalendar. We read, in the Martyrology of Donegal that on this day was venerated, Aedhan, of Doire Bruchaisi, or Doire Bruchuse.

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