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Irish Saints' Names - July

Another selection of Irish saints' names as  suggested to readers of the Southern Cross in Adelaide, Australia in 1914. This selection relates to saints whose feasts occur in July and the more obscure among them are well represented.

There are many who think that the Irish saints are only a few, and so their choice of names for their children is very small. Week by week, a list will be given. The name will be spelt as in Irish and the English equivalent will be given in brackets. The sex is marked m. for males, and f. for females. Only one name is given for each day, but more could be given. Year of death as below.


1. Ailioll (Elill or Erill), nr., Armagh, 536.
2. Ternoc. or Mernoc (Ernan. or Marnoc),m.
3. Maolmuire (Myles, or Melmary), m.,12th century.
4. Finnbarr (Finnbarr), m., Little Island, Waterford, 657.
5. Etaoin (Aideen, Edeana, or Moduena),f., Moylurg, Connacht.
6. Eitne (Eithne, Enny), f.
7. Maolruian (Melruan), m.. Tallaght, 792.
8. Cillin (Killian), m., Wurtzburg, Germany, 689.
9. Garban (Garvan), m., Kinsale.
10. Cuan (Cuan), m., Wexford, 8th century.
11. Failbe (Falvy), m., Westmeath.
12. Ultan (Ultan), m.
13. Greallan (Grellan), m., Tallaght.
14. Maeldegar (Maldegar), m., 677.
15. Ronan (Ronan), m.
16. Maolodran (Meloran), m., Brimult, King's Co.
17. Craohnat (Craevnata), f.
18. Mianac (Mianach), f.
19. Feargus (Fergus), m.
20. Cuirbin (Cuirbhin), m.
21. Curcac (Corca), f.
22. Buadan (Bodan), m., Culdaff.
23. Banbnat (Banavnat), f.
24. Blatmac (Blathmac), m., Iona, 824, feast also on 19 January.
25. Neassan (Nessan), m., Mungrit, 552.
26. Toman (Toman), m., Mungret.
27. Guiare (Guiare), m.
28. Furodran (Furoran), m.
29. Gailan (Caelan), m., Scattery Island.
30. Mooltuile (Miltille), m., Dysart, Westmeath.
31. Naal (Natalis, Nael), m., Kilnamanagh, Kilkenny, 564.

 Southern Cross (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1954), Friday 10 July 1914, page 8

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