Thursday 25 November 2021

Saint Noe, November 25


In previous years I have written about Irish devotion to Saint Catherine of Alexandria, as November 25 is her feast day. It is time now to take a long overdue look at some of our native saints who share this day with her. One in particular, Fionnchú of Brigown, is well-known but I was intrigued by the mention of a Saint Noe. Alas, he seems to be one of the many whose names are recorded on the Irish calendars but who have left no other trace. His name is not found on the Martyrology of Oengus but at November 25 he is listed simply as Noe on both the later martyrologies of Gorman and of Donegal. I find his name an interesting one but it is not unique as there is also a Saint Noe of Finglas, whose feast is on January 27.

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