Thursday 10 July 2014

Saint Cuan of Airbhre, 10 July

A County Wexford saint, Cuan of Airbhre, is commemorated on the Irish calendars at July 10.  Canon O'Hanlon brings us the details:

St. Cuain or Cuan, of Airbhre, in Hy Kinsellagh.

At the 10th of July, the festival of Cuan is found in the "Feilire" of St. Aengus. A commentary annexed states, that he was Cuan Airbre in Ui-Cennselaig, and he is the same as Cuan of Maethail Broccain in Desi of Munster. This latter place, as we are told,  was in the deaconate of Killbarrimedin, in the diocese of Lismore, and where there was a church and a well dedicated to St. Cuan. The Martyrology of Tallagh registers a festival at the 10th of July, in honour of Cuain of Airbir, in h Cendselaigh. The Martyrology of Marianus O'Gorman has a similar identification, according to Father O'Sheerin, when furnishing some particulars regarding the present saint to the Bollandists, who allude to him at the present date. We are informed by Dr. O'Donovan, that Kilquan, in the county of Wexford, takes its name from a church dedicated to the present holy man. Tobar Cuan was situated five chains south-west from the ruins of Kilcowanmore, as we learn from the same gentleman. Notices of a religious man named Cuan are introduced in the Acts of St. Fintan of Dunbleisque, and Colgan thinks he must be identical with the present saint. At this date, in the Martyrology of Donegal, is recorded Cuan, of Airbhre, in Ui Ceinnsealaigh, in Leinster ; and he is the same, we are told, as Cuan, of Maethail Brogain, in Deisi Mumhan. Among many other saints bearing the same name, he is mentioned by Colgan. His place has been identified with Cuain Airbhre, in Hy Kinsellagh, a place now called Ballybrennan, at Kilcowanmore, barony of Bantry, and county of Wexford. This part of Ireland, it would appear, formerly abounded in silver.  The Kalendar of Drummond  has notices of St. Cuain, at the 10th of July.

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