Saturday 5 July 2014

Saint Fergus O'Huamaigh, July 5

On July 5 Canon O'Hanlon brings a notice of a Saint Fergus, the recording of whose name seems to have been problematic for some of the Martyrologists:

St. Fergus O'Huamaigh.

In the Martyrology of Tallagh, a festival is entered at the 5th of July, in honour of Fergusa ohuamaigh. The Bollandists, at this same date, enter a Huamayus aliquis Fergussius, from the Manuscripts of Father Thomas O'Sheerin. They acknowledge, however, that such a name was not found on their own lists. The Martyrology of Donegal,  at the same date, records him as Ho Huimmigh, i.e., Fergus or Ferghass, as found in a distinct line, but evidently referring to one and the same person. The foregoing words, within brackets, had been entered, by the more recent hand.

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