Friday 20 September 2013

Saint Aedhan, son of Oissin, September 20

Another saint identified by his patronym is commemorated on September 20, as Canon O'Hanlon records:

St. Aedhan, Son of Oissin.

St. Aidus, Son of Ossin, was held in reverence on this day, as Colgan states on the authority of our Irish Menologists. The name of Aedhan, Son of Oissin, was venerated at the 20th of September, and is found in the Martyrologies of Marianus O'Gorman and of Donegal. Again, in the copy of this latter Calendar, belonging to the Irish Ordnance Survey Records, we find him mentioned at the XII. of the October Kalends or September 20th.

From the Calendars

The Martyrology of Gorman records Mogaid, Aedan álimm - Aedan whom I beseech, whilst the Martyrology of Donegal simply lists AEDHAN, son of Oissin, as does the Irish Ordnance Survey calendar.

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