Tuesday 1 September 2015

Saint Cuimmen of Drumsnat, September 1

September 1 is one of the feast days of Saint Cuimmen of Drumsnat, he seems to have a second commemoration at September 4. Canon O'Hanlon has this to say of the saint at September 1:

St. Cuimmen, Son of Cuanna, or Cuanach, probably Abbot of Druim-Snechta, now Drumsnat, County of Monaghan.
To us it seems very probable, that the present holy man was not distinct from a saint bearing the same appellation, and said to have been venerated on the 4th of this month,  at Drumsnat, County of Monaghan. The name of Cuimmen, son of Cuana, or Cuanach, occurs in the Martyrologies of Tallagh, of Marianus O'Gorman, and of Donegal, at the 1st of September.

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Anonymous said...

I have spent the past five years collecting folklore from the oldest people alive in Dartry, in Co. Monaghan. I would like to cross-reference some information on a local saint; St. Laobháin of Killeevan. Is it possible that you could do a little piece on him, since there exists very little information as far as I can find. He appears to have been the metalworker of St. Patrick, according to local tradition. If you can find anything, please email me at: seanmacbradaigh@hotmail.com

Marcella said...

If you have access to a copy of Pádraig Ó Riain's Dictionary of Irish Saints published in 2011 you will find that he has an entry on this saint on pp 390-391. He is one of the semi-legendary Irish saints who pops up in various guises in various places, the Co Monaghan saint being merely one of a number of manifestations of his cult. It is often impossible to disentangle the different stories and personalities in these kind of cases. Ó Riain gives June 1 as the feast day of the Killevan saint and Canon O'Hanlon has an entry for him on that day in Vol 6 of his Lives of the Irish Saints. So I will try to get a post ready on him for that date and see what else I can find out for you. Good luck with the folklore project.