Tuesday 13 August 2013

Saint Brigid of Cluain-diolama, August 13

Canon O'Hanlon records that August 13 is the commemoration of a saint Brigid associated with a locality now difficult to identify. There is no other clue as to the individual identity of the saint, nor at what time she flourished.

St. Brigid of Cuainaoi, or Cluana diailama.

At the 13th of August, St. Brigid of Cluana diailama is in the Rev. Dr. Kelly's version of this Martyrology [i.e. the Martyrology of Tallaght]. In that copy contained in the Book of Leinster, the place is differently entered [as Brigitae Cl. Dianluma]. Her location is styled Cluain-diolama, by Colgan. It does not appear with what existing townland denomination the name Cluain-diolama or Cluana diailama can be identified. At the 13th of August, the Martyrologies of Marianus O'Gorman, of Charles Maguire, and of Donegal, record a festival for St. Brigid of Cluainaoi or Cluain-ai. There is a church, called Cluainaoi, in the diocese of Derry. In the county of Londonderry alone, there are no less than four townlands, respectively called Clooney. Another Clooney was near Clonard in Meath and it is the only place so denominated in that county.

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