Monday 14 October 2013

Saint Colum of Inis-caoin, October 14

October 14 is the feast day of yet another of the many saints with the name of Colum (Colm, Colomb, Columba, Colman). This saint Colum is associated with the locality of Inis-caoin in Loch Melghe, today known as Inniskeen on Lough Melvin, County Fermanagh. The Irish calendars tell us that he was a priest.

The Scholiast Notes from the Martyrology of Oengus record:
14. Colum the presbyter of Loch Melge here.
whilst the later Martyrology of Donegal notes:

COLUM, Priest, of Inis-caoin, in Loch Melghe.
The Martyrology of Marianus O'Gorman also records our saint as:
Colomb of pellucid Loch Meilge.
with a note:
a priest, of Inis Cain on Loch Meilge.
In his July volume Canon O'Hanlon had remarked:
There are three distinct Inis-caoins, viz.: first, Inishkeen, on Lough Erne; secondly, another on Lough Melvin— both of these are in the county of Fermanagh —and thirdly, Inis-caoin-Deagha, or Iniskeen, in the county of Louth.
Our saint is clearly associated with the second of these places, but I am unsure when he flourished.

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