Wednesday 9 October 2013

Saint Dinertach of Clonmore, October 9

October 9 is the commemoration of Saint Dinertach, a monastic  of Clonmore. The 12th-century martyrologist, Marianus O'Gorman, describes him as Dinertach ail, 'Dinertach the bashful' in his entry for the day. Canon O'Hanlon's contemporary, Dr Michael Comerford, notes the saint in passing in the last of his three-volume diocesan history of Kildare and Leighlin:

"Clonmore or Cluain-mor-Maedhoc i.e. the great meadow of Maedhoc is among the most hallowed places connected with the lives and the labours of several of our Irish saints. Clonmore in Leinster, formerly a very celebrated monastery, in which many saints are buried, and are venerated. St Maedhoc whose feast was celebrated on 11 April, St Finian Lobhair on 16 March, St Stephen on 23 May, St Ternoc on 2 June, St Lassa on 15 September, St Dinertach on 9 October and St Cumin on 18 September (A. A. S. S. 597). The monastery of Clonmore was founded by St Maedhoc in the sixth century..."

Rev M. Comerford, Collections Relating to the Dioceses of Kildare and Leighlin, Volume III, (Dublin, 1886), 178.

Eoin Neeson, writing in 1967, says at October 9:

"The feast-day of another saint with an old Irish name which has fallen into disuse. The saint himself is obscure, but the name was common well before the Christian period. He is:

DINERTACH, a monk of Clonmore."

E. Neeson, The Book of Irish Saints (Cork, 1967), 179.

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