Thursday 26 June 2014

Saint Colman of Lambay Island, June 26

On June 26 we commemorate another of the many Irish Saints Colman, this one with the interesting epithet 'of the refectory'. He appears to be associated with an island off the County Dublin coast, I must admit that I had never heard of Lambay Island before and so was interested in this illustrated article on its history here. The author repeats the information given by Canon O'Hanlon below, that Saint Colman was the deacon left in charge of the island monastery by Saint Columcille:

St. Colman, Son to Roi of the Refectory, and over Lambay Island Church, County Dublin.

The name of Colman Partraighi appears in the Martyrology of Tallagh, at the 26th of June. This appears to be the St. Colman, son of Roi, belonging to Reachrainn, according to Marianus O'Gorman, who enters him in the Calendar at this date. He is said to have been that deacon, placed by St Columkille, over the church founded by him in Reachrann, now Lambay Island, off the County Dublin coast. He flourished, about the middle of the sixth century. At the same date, in the Martyrology of Donegal, his name occurs as Colman Proinntighe, or of the refectory. In a Manuscript Calendar of Professor Eugene O'Curry, at this same date, he is entered simply, St. Colman.

Photo Credit: Malahide Historical Society

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