Friday 24 October 2014

Saint Colman, October 24

I have often alluded on this blog to the problem of trying to disentangle Ireland's homonymous saints.  I must admit that my heart sinks when I see the name Colman in particular on the calendars. I therefore had to give a wry smile when reading the entry for this day in the Martyrology of Donegal:



Another COLMAN.

Yes, indeed, another Colman, I'm afraid I can tell you nothing more about either. The Martyrology of Tallaght records a Colmani meic Fuidicain at this date so it looks as if one of this pair had a patronymic attached to his name. Let's leave the last word to the Martyrology of Gorman:
24. C

two Colmans reckon ye with them, the gentle ones, I will praise them.

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