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Irish Saints' Names - March

Time for the final instalment of the 1914 series on Irish saints' names from the Australian press, offered to prospective parents as suggestions for naming children. I have gathered together all of the monthly entries on this page for convenience. The March selection includes three women saints, a famous abbot of Aran and a famous martyrologist, but there will be no prizes for guessing which even more famous saint features on March 17! More surprising perhaps is the inclusion of Saint Cuthbert of Lindisfarne in Irish guise at March 20. There was a medieval Irish Life of Saint Cuthbert which claimed Ireland as the land of his birth and I hope to make a post explaining more on the saint's feast day.
Irish Saints' Names.
There are many who think that the Irish saints are only a few, and so their choice of names for their children is very small. Week by week, a list will be given. The name will be spelt as in Irish and the English equivalent will be given in brackets. The sex is marked, m. for males, and f. for females. Only one name is given for each day, but more could be given. Year of death as below.
1. Moinenn (Maena). m., Clonfert, 571. 
2. Feargna (Fergna), m., Iona, 623.
3. Faile (Faela), f., Kilfaile, Galway.
4. Muicin (Mucna), m., Moyne, Tirawley. 
5. Ciaran (Kieran), m., Seirkeiran, King's Co., 550.
6. Cairpre (Carbry), m., Clonmacnoise, 899.
7. Cairetan (Caritan), m., Tidavnet, Monaghan.
8. Senan (Senan), m., Scattery Island, 545.
9. Lugaid (Lewy), m., Kilcool.
10. Scadna (Scadna), m., Seirkeiran, King's Co., 570.
11. Aengus (Aengus, the Culdee), m., Tallaght, 824.
12. Mura (Mura), m., Fahan, 645.
13. Mocaomoc (Kevin), m.. Leamokevogue, 656.
14. Talmac (Talma), m.
15. Diocuill (Dichull), one of the sons of Nessan, Lambay.
16. Abban (Abban), m., Wexford.
17. Padraig (Patrick), Apostle of Ireland, 493.
18. Comman (Comman), Bp., 677.
19. Lactnan (Lachtnan), m., Freshford, Kilkenny, 623.
20. Mo-nalloc (Cuthbert), m., Lindisfarne, 688.
21. Enda (Enda), Bp., Arran, 542. 
22. Failbe (Falvy), m., Iona, 678. 
23. Ciannait (Kinnata), f.
24. Caorlan (Caerlan), m.. Armagh, 588. 
25. Caimin (Camin), m., Scattery Island, 653.
26. Garban (Garvan), m.
27. Fionntan (Finntan), m. 
28. Cassan (Cassan), m.
29. Sodealb (Soldevia), f., in Affaly, sister of St. Eithne.
30. Tola (Tola), m., Clare, 734.
31. Faolan (Faelan), m.

 Southern Cross (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1954), Friday 27 February 1914, page 11

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