Saturday 14 September 2013

Saint Celedabhaill of Bangor, September 14

On September 14 we remember an abbot of the northern monastery of Bangor, County Down. Canon O'Hanlon gives us the details of the life of Saint Celedabhaill, who was born in the ninth century and died in the second decade of the tenth:

St. Celedabhaill, Abbot of Bangor, County of Down. 

This holy man was the son of Scannall. He was born about 868, and he is distinguished as a Scribe, a preacher, a learned doctor, and a bishop. He was likewise the successor of St. Comhgall of Beannchair, now Bangor, in the County of Down. He died on the 14th of September, while on his pilgrimage at Rome, in the fifty-ninth year of his age [1], and in the year 927. [2]

[1] See Dr O'Donovan's "Annals of the Four Masters, Vol. ii, p. 620, 621.

[2] According to the following verse, thus translated from the Irish:

Three times nine, nine hundred years, 
Are reckoned by plain rules 
From the birth of Christ, deed of purity, 
To the holy death of Cele the Cleric.

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