Monday 4 January 2016

Saint Fiadhnat, January 4

Another of the many obscure Irish female saints is commemorated on January 4. All we know of Saint Fiadhnat is the recording of her name in the Irish calendars, and in the absence of anything else to say Canon O'Hanlon sounds wonderfully Victorian as he complains about the number of females 'addicted to idle or frivolous pleasures':

St, Fidnatan, or Fiadhnat, Virgin. 

Numberless females are found in society addicted to idle or frivolous pleasures. Their
lives are spent as a taper that wastes away its substance, giving little or only a very flickering light. The name of Fidnatan, virgin, is mentioned in the "Martyrology of Tallagh," on the 4th of January. Besides this entry, Fiadhnat, the same virgin, is recorded on this day in the "Martyrology of Donegal." The distinction of sanctity accorded her proves the genuine merits of her well-ordered life.

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